What We Do

The EITC Funders Network brings together funders interested in the Earned Income Tax Credit, free- and low-cost tax preparation, and asset building. The EITC Funders Network seeks to increase awareness of EITC-related projects, foster collaboration, share information about the current status of EITC-related work, and help shape the future of the field.


The goals of the EITC Funders Network include:

  • Increase communication among funders about EITC-related projects across the country;
  • Explore issues confronting the field;
  • Discuss ways to sustain and scale-up EITC work; and
  • Leverage funding for EITC-related projects.


More than 200 national, regional, local, corporate, and family foundations participate in the EITC Funders Network. While many of our participants are traditional charitable foundations, some are United Ways and others are government entities. Our members explore and support a variety of aspects of the EITC field including national and state policy, free tax preparation, and links between EITC and other supports for low-wage workers.

Of the 176 institutions that are members, the membership profile is:

  • 43% community foundations
  • 28% family foundations
  • 17% national or regional foundations
  • 7.4% corporate foundations
  • 6.9% United Ways
  • 5.6% networks or associations

Steering Committee

The work of the EITC Funders Network is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of Patrick Hain of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Paula Sammons of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Benita Melton of the C. S. Mott Foundation, Diane DiGiacomo of the Piton Foundation, Steven Lee of the Robin Hood Foundation, Tony Banegas of the Arizona Community Foundation, and Angela Carr Klitzsch of the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

Join Us!

Membership in the EITC Funders Network is free. If you are interested to join, simply email or call (919-493-4393) and provide us with your contact information.


The EITC Funders Network connects funders to each other and issues in the field through:

  • Information Exchange—distributing new reports and latest news from funders and the field.
  • Conference Calls—hosting conversations on emerging topics and new research. The EITC Funders Network holds at least four conference calls a year.
  • Meetings—gathering for half-day sessions to explore topics relevant to the EITC field. The EITC Funders Network meets twice a year.
  • Individual Assistance—working one-on-one with foundation staff interested in launching EITC-related efforts or interested in taking their work in new directions. EITC Funders Network staff is available to work with you, to talk through challenges, and connect you to funder and field resources.